Friday, April 30, 2010

Create the Life You Want

I had to email my girl Heather the day before I posted this.  I mean I didn't want the sweetheart to have a heart attack or anything like that, seeing as this is the SECOND scrap page I have done in a week...I' just saying H.

Anyway, I took these pictures of my dd Shawna down by the American River, found these stunning Graphic 45 papers at a local Beverly's store, and this stunner lo from beckyjune at Two Peas, and, well, it just sorta fell together from there.  I am very happy with the results and it just happened so easily. 

It's funny because usually when I attempt to lift a lo from someone, I end up frustrated because it doesn't look as good, the papers are different and it doesn't all fall together.  But this is a totally different look from Becky's lo and it worked very well.  I'm feeling my mojo coming back.

I have mentioned that almost all of the scrap stores in our area have gone out of business.  I posted a thread in the Two Peas message board asking Sacramento area scrappers where they shop and got a lead on a place (it's a little bit of a drive for me) but it's called Beverly's Unique Scrapbooking.  And Beverly has a very nice selection.  She doesn't have a lot of space so she can't carry a lot but she has a good selection and the only thing I would have to shop on line for most likely is PP.  She doesn't have enough of it but she does have a good selection. 

Not much going on, looking forward to the weekend, some bike riding, visiting my granddaughter, and some gardening, and hopefully some more scrappiness. 

Thanks for visiting, leave me some love.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blue Eye Girl

Recently my friend Heather purged her scrappy stuff and sent me two huge boxes.  This weekend I had the chance to play and did this lo.  I am sorely disappointed in the scan of it so I think I will take a picture of it and repost it.

My granddaughter, Marley Jane, has such beautiful Blue Eyes.  They are the darker blue eyes, with hints of light grey slowly becoming visible, and they sparkle.  I love her eyes.

It felt good to get scrappy, I have been so busy with Shawna's invitations, working out, riding my bike, and cleaning and organizing my house and scrap space that I haven't really been motivated to scrap a lot.  And when I have wanted to scrap, my mojo was not there.  So it felt good to do this page.

I had a great weekend.  Gym and cleaning and working around the house all Saturday, and on Sunday I did a 32 mile bike ride on the American River Trail.  We are so fortunate here in the Sacramento area to have this trail.  It surrounds the American River and Lake Folsom, so the view is just beautiful in most places.  And if you get tired or just want to stop for awhile, you always have a gorgeous view to look at and a great opportunity to see a lot of our local waterfowl, deer, suicidal squirrels that love to race out in front of the bike, and butterflies galore.  The trail is also used for a great many walking and running events, which is cool too. 

It's back to work today and a full week.  I am amping up for fiscal year close over May - July, and that usually means a lot of stress, overtime and frustration.  But I am determined this year to do my best to stay ahead of the game and not let the frustration get to me, which is difficult because this is also the busiest time of our year for our projects, construction season, and that means engineers lining up at my door for bid packages and contracts.  Yay me!  LOL.

OK nuff of that, Im off to work and hope you all have a fab week.

Hugs. goal date to take a week vacation because by then, I will be exhausted.  LOL..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scrappy??? Psyche!!!

Really, the only scrappy stuff I have done lately is this card.  It is a sample of my dd Shawna's graduation invite I am making.  I am going to change the flowers, haven't decided what, Shawna doesn't like that part of it but loves the rest.

She wanted something girlie.  I wanted something girlie, her and simple, because I have lots of them to make by the end of the month. (funky scan, sorry). Inside these I will be putting a couple of pics that I recently took of her.  I think they will be nice.

Next week I am taking a week of vacation.  By the end of May the busiest time of my year will be coming on and I will be slammed and not able to miss any work until about August, which is a drag, but it happens every year.  So this year I decided to get ahead of the game and take a week before it all starts hitting.

I will be getting my scrap on next week, not so much in scrappy stuff as getting my scrap room done.  Yep, finally.  I will paint, put up shelves, get my desk in there, organize and in general spend a lot of time looking over all of my scrapgoodedness and remembering what I have in anticipation of finally getting to play in a room that is totally dedicated to SCRAPPY, CRAFTY, SEWING, PAINTING and just general fun things that I like to do. 

After visiting Donna Downeys site again recently I have decided that I must get into and produce some canvas art for my room.  I am also working on an adorable cross stitch that will go on my wall and
I don't know what it is, it must be from visiting Donna's site, but I am feeling so much like getting back into not clothes, I hate sewing clothes, but things like crafts, curtains for my scraproom, wall hangings, aprons, fun things, including a fabric scrapbook.  I love to visit Donna's blog and website , just so full of inspiration, color, fun!

A while back Heather sent me a wonderful box full of purged goodies, and she just sent me another HUGE box full of papers and alphabets.  Scrappy mail time is so much fun.  I also placed an order for a bunch of stuff on Two Peas, but somehow the order got messed up and now I have had to cancel it.  I guess I will be reordering it next week along with some more stuff.  They have free domestic shipping for all orders $50 or more. 

OK...heading off to go back to work.  Next week, I am going to try to take some pics of things that I am doing, along with some new Marley pics, and possibly, hopefully, I intend to anyway, SCRAPPY STUFF.