Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A couple of pics, and a prayer that has been on my mind.

This next picture brings to mind a friend of mine that I know loves her garden.  I just liked the whole ambience of the photo. It also reminds me of a prayer that I have been working on.  Still sort of a rough draft, but a prayer I like to keep in mind.

Heavenly Father,

Please take from me all those things that bind me to the past,
Take from me the hurts and the pains, take my sorrows, everything that holds me
Prisoner to the ways of this world.
Give to me instead wings of kindness and compassion, love.
Teach me to soar on the winds of your mercy and grace
And to shine your light on others.
Let me be the hands and feet of your
Faithful love.
Give me a heart that is pure, steadfast;
A heart that aches to serve you,
To pursue you,
To live you,
and in all things
To trust you.
Let me be an example that
shows someone else 
The love and peace that you have given me,
That they might know you
Through the light you shine in me.