Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Are My Sunshine

When my dd Shawna was born, her Aunt Debbie gave her a little pastel colored clown that had a music box and played "You Are My Sunshine."  I sang it to her all the time when she was little.  Did the same thing when my youngest DD showed up and it has been sort of a tradition with the girls.  They both still love the song, and I still have that adorable clown although he's a little battered and the music box died somewhere along the line. 

Whenever I have my grand daughter Marley Jane, I sing it to her to, as does her mom.  It just sticks, and I love this picture of her first time at the park.  She was cutting a tooth and a little cranky, but she is always up for pics for Nama (me), the sun was shining on that crazy, wild faux hawk of hers too.

This line is by We R Memory Keepers.  I recently found a little treasure of a shop in Sacramento that I had never heard of and although the shop is small, Beverly has a nice selection.  There is a small piece of sass lass in there as well.

So, another milestone today, my dog Max (this pic is when he was a little pooch), turned 11 today.  I have to laugh because this morning he was running around like a 4 month old puppy chasing Abbie and playing with Zack.  He just still has so much puppy in him, even at 11.

And the story behind the pink face....lol....So about 10 years ago when Max was a puppy, my ex husband called me at work one day and the receptionist told me he was on the phone, and she was cracking up because he could barely talk he was laughing so hard.  I get on the phone with him and no kidding he was laughing so hard that it took him 5 minutes to get it out that Max had a pink face.  Now my heart skipped a beat because the night before Shawna had colored her hair this ridiculous shade of red and it turned out pink, and I thought, OMGosh Max got into the trash and got hair color all over him, but nope.  Turns out he ate a paper mache' apple off the Christmas tree, he had it all over the carpet his feet, etc.  My ex snapped this picture after trying to clean him up.  I still have this picture framed at home. 

Any who....not much else going on.  Love getting to have scrappy time during the week.  I feel so much better now that I have my scrap room getting put together.

I'm off to get some work done.

have a great day!

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