Friday, April 30, 2010

Create the Life You Want

I had to email my girl Heather the day before I posted this.  I mean I didn't want the sweetheart to have a heart attack or anything like that, seeing as this is the SECOND scrap page I have done in a week...I' just saying H.

Anyway, I took these pictures of my dd Shawna down by the American River, found these stunning Graphic 45 papers at a local Beverly's store, and this stunner lo from beckyjune at Two Peas, and, well, it just sorta fell together from there.  I am very happy with the results and it just happened so easily. 

It's funny because usually when I attempt to lift a lo from someone, I end up frustrated because it doesn't look as good, the papers are different and it doesn't all fall together.  But this is a totally different look from Becky's lo and it worked very well.  I'm feeling my mojo coming back.

I have mentioned that almost all of the scrap stores in our area have gone out of business.  I posted a thread in the Two Peas message board asking Sacramento area scrappers where they shop and got a lead on a place (it's a little bit of a drive for me) but it's called Beverly's Unique Scrapbooking.  And Beverly has a very nice selection.  She doesn't have a lot of space so she can't carry a lot but she has a good selection and the only thing I would have to shop on line for most likely is PP.  She doesn't have enough of it but she does have a good selection. 

Not much going on, looking forward to the weekend, some bike riding, visiting my granddaughter, and some gardening, and hopefully some more scrappiness. 

Thanks for visiting, leave me some love.

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  1. Oh that is so cool!! Keep scrapping girlie!!