Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scrappy??? Psyche!!!

Really, the only scrappy stuff I have done lately is this card.  It is a sample of my dd Shawna's graduation invite I am making.  I am going to change the flowers, haven't decided what, Shawna doesn't like that part of it but loves the rest.

She wanted something girlie.  I wanted something girlie, her and simple, because I have lots of them to make by the end of the month. (funky scan, sorry). Inside these I will be putting a couple of pics that I recently took of her.  I think they will be nice.

Next week I am taking a week of vacation.  By the end of May the busiest time of my year will be coming on and I will be slammed and not able to miss any work until about August, which is a drag, but it happens every year.  So this year I decided to get ahead of the game and take a week before it all starts hitting.

I will be getting my scrap on next week, not so much in scrappy stuff as getting my scrap room done.  Yep, finally.  I will paint, put up shelves, get my desk in there, organize and in general spend a lot of time looking over all of my scrapgoodedness and remembering what I have in anticipation of finally getting to play in a room that is totally dedicated to SCRAPPY, CRAFTY, SEWING, PAINTING and just general fun things that I like to do. 

After visiting Donna Downeys site again recently I have decided that I must get into and produce some canvas art for my room.  I am also working on an adorable cross stitch that will go on my wall and
I don't know what it is, it must be from visiting Donna's site, but I am feeling so much like getting back into not clothes, I hate sewing clothes, but things like crafts, curtains for my scraproom, wall hangings, aprons, fun things, including a fabric scrapbook.  I love to visit Donna's blog and website , just so full of inspiration, color, fun!

A while back Heather sent me a wonderful box full of purged goodies, and she just sent me another HUGE box full of papers and alphabets.  Scrappy mail time is so much fun.  I also placed an order for a bunch of stuff on Two Peas, but somehow the order got messed up and now I have had to cancel it.  I guess I will be reordering it next week along with some more stuff.  They have free domestic shipping for all orders $50 or more. 

OK...heading off to go back to work.  Next week, I am going to try to take some pics of things that I am doing, along with some new Marley pics, and possibly, hopefully, I intend to anyway, SCRAPPY STUFF.


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  1. don't forget to post pics of your new scrap room!!